Six Berth Motor Home

Mazda 6 Berth Motorhome offers comfortable living and sleeping space for a family of up to six adults. This fully self contained and superbly furnished motorhome has a shower & toilet, hot & cold running water, dual power fridge, and gas cooking facilities. The large rear windows offer great panoramic views so you can enjoy our scenery at all times. 

Amenities on Board

1. Seating and Sleeping: Seating arrangement for maximum 6 people. Sleeping arrangement in Separate Cab over Bed for three people, Sofa Cum Bed for two and drop down bed for one. 

2. Camping equipments: Dome and Alpine Tents, Toilet Tent, Deck & beach chairs, Table, Trenching tool, Full sized pick axe, One Set of Rubber boot & Gloves, Hammock, Jumbo-Sun Umbrella, Fishing gears, Search light, Water pump, 12VDC Vacuum cleaner & Air-compressor, Tool kit, First aid kit, Fire extinguisher.

3. Laundry: Freshly laundered set of Bed linens, Blankets, Pillows.

4. Convenience: Separate Toilet and Bathroom area with hot & cold water supply.

5. Sewerage Waste: Western Commode holding tank (40ltrs) is connected to manual release valve which is attached to flexible hose. Please note: Cleaning of toilet waste will be taken care by our staff on every day basis and as per availability of dumping ground.

6. Water Storage: Stainless Steel water tank (500ltrs) for Toilet & Shower, Kitchen use and drinking. Please note: Fresh Water is filled on every day basis as per availability.

7. Kitchen appliances: Microwave, Coffee maker, Boiler, Toaster, Fridge/Icebox 30ltrs, L.P-Gas: 3 Burners & Water Heater, Water purifier, Blender, Juicer/mixer/grinder, Utensils, Cutlery.

PLEASE NOTE: Chiller/Freezer 25ltrs works on 12VDC supply. Fridge 55ltrs works only on 240VAC Genset/out source power supply. 

8. Startup: LP-Gas 14.2 kg gas cylinder, water supply and Toiletries.

9. Gadgets: Global Positioning System (GPS), 160 watts Solar panel, 22" LED & DVD in lounge area, 12" TFT & DVD system in Cab Over Bed, 1000 VA Inverter. Optional: Wall hanging heater and room heater works only on Genset/out source 240V supply.

10. Air-Condition and Generator is coupled to side engine. 

Please Note: EXTRAS: Air-Condition or Generator is required during HAULTS/CAMPING, INR. 200/- per hour plus Diesel or Petrol 3 ltrs/Per Hour will be charged. Split Air-Con runs on outsource (220 volts) power supply while vehicle is stationery.

11. Stainless Steel Locker: To keep your money and important documents in safe place, while you’re away out on Sightseeing, etc. 

12. Manual Awning: To laze around vehicle, while Camping.

13. Outsource power supply: Hookup point 240 volts and 70 meters wire reel.

14. Optional: 4 WD: Mazda is well equipped with 4 WD for extra grip on off road terrain. 

15. Winch: Power winch to get vehicle out off hash terrain.

16. Air compressor: ½ hp motor operated air compressor for flat tyre or small jobs

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