Taxi Hire in India

Taxi or Cab is the most common mode of travelling used by a single passenger or a small group of tourists. J.L.Tour & Travels offer taxi for customized tours packages, tailor made packages, corporate tours, airport transfers, and sightseeing in various cities of India. 

Hire a taxi with a driver conveys passengers between locations of their choice. In India, most common taxi available are Tata Indigo, Swift Dzire, Toyota Etois, and Toyota Innova. Slowly and gradually luxury cars such as Toyota Corolla, Honda City, Mercedes etc are being included in taxi on hire.  The tourist can book a taxi beforehand easily and safely travel to any destination. 

When we count the advantages of taxis and cabs, the economics of their operation is the first that comes to mind. 


  1. Ease of using them- You can book taxis over the phone or even online, and they come quickly to pick you up from any point of your convenience.
  2. Enjoy maximum comfort- When you decide to travel whether you are on business or for leisure, hiring a chauffeur can be the best decision that you can make. You can travel in comfort by choosing the best vehicle and chauffeur available. This is different from driving yourself because you can relax while someone else does the driving. Choosing a comfortable vehicle will ensure that you enjoy the travel and hiring the services of a chauffeur is the best option when you are tired after a long day.
  3. An experienced driver- A good reason to hire a chauffeur is that you get the services of a qualified driver. This is especially beneficial when traveling to a new location. When you have someone with experience driving you around, you can be sure of getting where you need to be in comfort and in a timely manner. You do not have to worry about getting lost and you can relax or work as you get to your destination. If you are attending a meeting or event, you do not have to worry about how to get to the venue conveniently. The drivers in this case are courteous, trained and aware of city routes. The driver of a taxi knows how to reach your destination in the shortest possible time, taking the not-so-crowded route.
  4. Renting a vehicle- You can either hire a vehicle or then get someone to drive you, or you can hire a vehicle that comes with a chauffeur as part of the package. The latter option is preferable because you are guaranteed of getting a driver who has the right experience and qualifications. Hiring a driver yourself can be more difficult especially if you are in a new place.
  5. Other Features- Nowadays, a number of taxi companies are equipped to meet with the requirements of users of smartphone applications.  It means that you need not call on the phone for booking a taxi, making it so easy to travel comfortably all over the city. Using smartphone applications you can book a taxi for yourself or your friends very conveniently from anywhere in the city.

Some users of taxis are a bit apprehensive of the cleanliness of these Taxi/ cabs, and their overall reliability. Well, there is always some black sheep in any business and profession. Well, certain cab operators may not come to the customers' overall expectations, but the majority of them are well-trained, professional, and as well as informed as the drivers of black cabs. When you want to have a safe and reliable means of transportation within the city, but you do not want to spend too much by hiring, or you want to avoid using any means of public transport, your best choice should be an affordable taxi or cab. You'll surely appreciate their punctuality, dependability, pricing and awareness of the city routes, making it a pleasure to travel through your city.


Tata Indigo Taxi is a multipurpose and compact car. The vehicle has a specially designed suspension, fuel economy, spacious and gives a comfortable ride. Taxi is perfect for business meetings and airport transfer.... More...


Swift Dzire Taxi is a sedan car with more space and comfort ability. The car is easy to maintain and has good interiors. The fuel efficiency of the car has also been improved and one can expect a very good fuel economy .. More...



Toyota Innova Cab is the best MUV & SUV running in Indian market with hight performance on road. Toyota Innova Cab has unique features, and is one of the most elegant cars in terms of versatile space, superior performance and driving pleasure. More...



Honda City Cab ensures safety and self protection in the event of a collision. The car is premium and fuel efficient.  With the latest version of original Honda Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) engine it leads to compatibility of fuel economy and powerful dynamic run. More...


Toyota Camry Cab is best-in-class with aerodynamic performance thata minimizes wind noise at high speeds and enhances fuel economy. Designed for high levels of safety, ride, handling and low noise, the new chassis has increased body rigidity and lowered the centre of gravity, presenting a larger footprint on the road than ever before..More..


Toyota Corolla Cab is a mid size sedan providing unparalleled experience of driving to its passengers. There are collapsible steering column and the toughest side door impact beam that make it safer than any other luxurious car. More...


Mercedes Benz S Class Luxury Taxi / Cab is to travel in style in absolute comfort. The Mercedes S Class Taxi is excellent in performance, drive ability and handling. The most elegant in beauty, most innovative in design, most advanced in technology - this is luxury at its best. More..

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